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The Golden Gate Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club is made up of Swissy lovers and owners living mainly in Northern California centered around the San Francisco Bay Area.

The GGGSMDC is recognized by the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America and sanctioned by the American Kennel Club to hold AKC competition events. Our goal is to maintain the quality standards of the breed, educate the public about the breed and to enjoy our working dogs while having fun.

The Club has held several AKC specialty events dating back to 1998. The most recent AKC specialty conformation show hosted by our club was the GSMDCA Western Regional Saturday October 18, 2014 in Pleasanton, CA. For those members who prefer not to compete in events with their dogs, the club hosts social events, picnics, workshops, pack hikes, and dog walks at the beach or on trails in parks. Take a look at our Photo gallery for some of these activities as well as the club's Facebook page

The Blaze, a very informative newsletter is published giving information on club activities and articles on Swissies as well as general dog related topics.

If you have a Swissy and would like to become involved in activities with your dog, we invite you to join our club. This will also provide an opportunity to meet other Swissy owners who enjoy their dogs.

Should you wish to become a member of the Swissy Club, please fill out the Membership Application found on the Membership Information Page of this website.

News Items

April 10th Herding Trial - hurry and sign up for lots of fun Click here for more information

The Winter 2016 Blaze Susan's Outstanding Club Newsletter is here.

Join the Swissy Spring Fling Pack Hike April 23rd and 24th in Tapo Canyon in Simi Valley, CA. Click here or see the Events calendar for April for details or contact : Lisa England england25@scglobal.net bor 805-791-9277

Photo gallery of the February Swissy Stride Pack Hike

Click here for Photo Gallery of February 2016 Ft Funston Walk and Talk

Check the Events page page for "FIRST DRAFT" SEMINARS by the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Northern California starting on February 6, 2016

For our October 16-17 2015 pictures from our gathering in Pleasanton click here