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Augus 28, 2017

At Mensota in Santa Rosa

Enzo won BOB and a Group 3, owned by Erin Jacobson Stammer


Draven and Zeeva (Kim Roper Gradin Glenn Gradin) did great today at the California Summer Classic in Santa Rosa. Draven got winners dog, and Best Opposite and Zeeva got winners bitch and Best of winners. Thanks Anthony Groth, and Mercedes! great handlers!

March 12, 2017

Two are better than one - A Swiss therapy visit
On February 27th we were contacted and informed that a Swiss born mom(Wilma) was in a nursing home due to a stroke and that a visit from a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog would likely cheer her up because the breed was one of her favorites.

Julie and Frank Vonada volunteered to go see Wilma with their dog Dixie and here is how there visit went:

Upon arrival Wilma's 2 daughters were there and they told Wilma that she had a visitor... Dixie and Julie walk in the dinning room and she sees Dixie! She started crying the second she saw Dixie! And Dixie went right up to her and put her head on her lap... of course a few more tears!

We were talking and I told them that Frank was out side with Fredrick and she wanted to met him too! So we found a covered area outside, and my Fredrick was just wonderful with her! She couldn't keep her hands off of him while holding Dixie's leash!

When it was time to go, there were sad tears but we promised we would come see her again! It took a while for me to get Dixie's leash from her and Dixie seems content laying at her feet!

March 3, 2017

Kids and Swissies in school: a therapy visit
The story below is a great example of sharing the love of a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Julie Vonada sent us this story of her experience:
"We were at Lakeport Elementary School, we are meeting with the whole 2nd grade class, 4 classes total in four visits. We are teaching them how to approach a dog, and the different jobs that dogs can do. After I talk about the jobs, then each child gets to come and meet Dixie. I did have to train Dixie for the 'no kissing' rule for therapy dogs, which is hard for her not to give a little kiss. There have been about 25 kids in each class and there are many questions they ask, which the most popular hands down 'how much does she weigh?'. (the answer is 116). Her dog partner in class is a miniature rat terrier (Jake weighs about 7 pounds), they make quite the couple! After everyone meets the 2 dogs, then we show a few tricks for the kids…. Dixie sits, puts her paw up, lays down and plays dead…. The kids love the trick part of the day too!"

February 20, 2017 Don't forget to schedule a fun day for you and your Swissy at the Introduction to Herding and Herding Aptitude Test on April 2, 2017. Click here for the Club's flyer about the event
February 12 , 2017

Greetings Draft Work enthusiasts! (Working with your Swissy to pull a cart)
The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Northern California has announced their schedule of "2017 First Draft Seminars" for which all breeds are welcome. The schedule is as follow:

    • An Introduction to Draft Work
    • SATURDAY MARCH 4th 2017
    • Instructors: Larry Bohlig, Jasen Duncan, & Jim Maxwell
    • Location: Presidio of San Francisco
    • Next steps in becoming a successful Draft Team!
    • SUNDAY MARCH 12th 2017
    • Instructors: Larry Bohlig, Nick Hengeveld, & Jim Maxwell
    • Location: Dan Foley Park, Vallejo
    • Fine tuning your Draft Teamwork!
    • SATURDAY APRIL 15th 2017
    • Instructors: Jasen Duncan, Nick Hengeveld, & Jim Maxwell
    • Location: Cal State East Bay, Hayward
February 3-5 , 2017

February 5th results From the Sun Maid Kennel Club dog show in Fresno:

  • BOB: Nexpa
  • BOS: Nash
  • BOW: Velvet
  • BOBOH:/Select Brig
  • Select Mia

Enjoying ourselves at dog friendly Buffalo Wild Wings after the Fresno dog show.

  • BOW: Bomber
  • BOS: MIA
  •  SD: Brig
  •  SB: Nexpa
  • WINNERS DOG: Bomber
  • First leg beginning obedience: Mia
Julie and Frederick with Obedience Title

January 19-22 , 2017

Luna lights up the Rose City Classic
Michele Slate (Ramsgate Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs) and Toni Killpatrick witnessed Luna's win over 12 other Champions at the Rose City Classic, one of the largest all breed dog shows in the country.

Luna's new title: BISS IntlCH GCHS RamsGate's Full Moon Rising JHDg, HTADIs, HTADIIs, HTADIIIs, HTDIs makes her an accomplished show dog as well as an accomplished herder. Luna finished the four day event as follows:

  • Thursday: BOS - Judge James Reynolds
  • Friday: BOB Judge Brian Meyer
  • Saturday: BISS - Judge Marjorie Mortorella
    •      Group 4 - Judge Brian Meyer
  • Sunday: BOB - Judge John Ronald

Luna is a Riley and Quinn baby and her ring handler is Annie Oster while her herding handler is Dave Viklund.

September 28, 2016

At the Nationals:
Dirty Harry aka GCHS Fire Dance Sudden Impact went Select Dog today. Our Congratulations to our GGGSMDC Director Donna Zetterquist and her Dirty Harry.

Riley aka INTL'S CH. GCH Big Hunk Of Whispering Pine ROM who left us for the rainbow bridge, picked up three certificates

  • #5 Tope 10 All Breed Standing
  • Top Producing Sire
  • Register of Merit (15 champion pups)
September 23-25, 2016

End of Summer Party

The Club had its annual "End of Summer" celebration, hosted by Paula and Eddie. Pictures of this wonderful event can be viewed on the club's facebook page by clicking here

June 9-12, 2016 Woofstock is happening, a four day show and fun event. Here is a flyer with more information.
Note: Please forward any new items of club interest to Rob Blits

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